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Reasons Not To Buy An Audi

Some people just prefer to get a new car, which means that "like new" isn't good enough. It has to be new.Generally speaking, there are good reasons not to settle for a "like new" vehicle. Truly new models have the latest technology, the latest engineering, and, of course, that new-car smell that some people enjoy.However, this is only true of recently redesigned or introduced vehicles that stand head and shoulders above the ones they replace. After a new design has been out for a couple of years, like the current Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan, the underlying technology and engineering is largely the same in 2018 as it was in 2015.At this point, "like new" is almost as good as "new," though it still might not be for you.

reasons not to buy an audi


I was looking for this information relating to 6 reasons to avoid a panoramic roof. You have really eased my work by posting this article, loved your writing skill as well. Please keep sharing more, would love to read more from you!If possible visit this website to gain more idea or tips on the same.

This was a good article on 6 reasons to avoid panoramic sunroofs; I wish I had known the issues with them before we purchased. I may have thought twice. Still love the look and the use of it. I close the shade in the heat of the day because sun shining through the top makes interior hotter and the armrest super hot.

The Genesis G80 sunroof is huge and has less heat issues, unlike benz, audi, etc, the retractable shade in very thick and blocks ALL light and heat from entering the cabin. I guess the German manufacturers need to take notes.

The Ford Fusion Energi has been updated for 2019 with a refreshed look and larger battery pack, but does that make it suddenly competitive in a plug-in hybrid class that's constantly growing with worthy contenders? The quick answer is no, a nip/tuck and a few more miles of range does not a Volt-killer make. So here are five reasons you shouldn't buy the 2019 Ford Energi Fusion, and because we're always fair and balanced, two reasons you should.

i love audis/vws but the VW corporate people are a little bass-ackwards. they say that americans won't buy the A2/polo in contrast to all the minis and golf/gtis being sold and then they turn around and release the vw phaeton. a car that if it actually starts to sell (which i'm not too sure it will), clearly intends to steal market share from audi. it's as if toyota releases a 75k car that competes directly with Lexus' high-end cars. to top it off both BMW and Mercedes are coming with compacts. and then VW corporate turns around and says they have no plans to build electric cars for vw or audi.

There are many reasons why I chose the A2. First, it's not a car, it's a concept of how to build a safe, user friendly (the tray!), but still convenient car with major usage in cities. Another reason is the fuel consumption of about 4.3 liters per 100 km. (I don't know the calculation here).

Actually, I've heard from european friends that pretty much every brand that is seen as a european luxury line here (volvo, saab, audi, etc) sell cheaper versions across the pond that don't come with automatic transmissions or leather seats and sell for many thousands less than the brands' entry level models here.

actually you can import them, a relative of mine owns several audi/vw dealerships in central america and said you could import one from there (they get the same euro models). but it would cost you $1000 to ship it, and then another couple thousand to make it compatible w/US emissions.

LNJ, the A2 is an audi, it handles a lot different than you might expect from a small american car (=this is not a geo). still, it is meant as a rather city-oriented car. the A3 on the other hand, a car I used to drive when I was living in germany, is one fun car, no matter what mountains you'd want to take it up onto. IMHO, it handles better than a gold gti if you get a nice engine.

oh, no doubt. I live in LA. still, what I'm trying to get across is that an audi, even an A2, is nothing like what one here might assume a small car would be like based on us manufactors vehicles of equal size.

With over 275,000 A4s and S4s sold over an 8-year production run, the B8/B8.5 is undoubtedly one of the most successful German sedans of the last ten years. Because of its immense popularity and many used Audi A4s for sale, this mid-size sedan is a natural choice for people looking for a safe, high-quality European car with solid performance and good looks. While it may be tempting to ignore the slightly-upmarket S4 based on price alone, there are several good reasons why the slightly more expensive S4 is the better buy if you're looking for one of these all-wheel-drive sedans from Ingolstadt.

This is perhaps the most obvious of all, but should the time ever come when you decide to sell your beloved S4, you will most certainly be able to ask a higher selling price than an A4. The S4 will continue to retain value, for all the reasons listed above, and specifically, it will retain more value than an A4 regardless of mileage and condition. It will also be an easier sale. While it's unlikely that any S4 will achieve the kind of ludicrous pricing seen in the Porsche and E30 M3 markets, there will always be other enthusiasts looking for an S4. With the higher price and more specific target market, you'll hopefully have to deal with fewer tire kickers and time wasters, but I think that's probably a universal when it comes to selling a used car these days.

If you want to read more Audi stories, news, DIYs, or guides, check out our Audi hub at And be sure to let us know if you agree or disagree with this list in the comments below.

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