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HandsUp is back! Who dont remember this smashing dance genre back in the early 2000s? In the times were Vengeance-Sounds first samplepack "Essential Clubsounds 1" came out and started shaping the entire genre. Back in the days where clubmusic was fun, fast and full of energy, the creator of this pack Manuel Schleis had over 300 releases on Vinyl and CDs and with this expansion pack he goes back to his musical roots: On 136 impressive Avenger Presets he shows why this genre still exists and still has its own growing fanbase! This extensive expansionpack also includes 35 club destroying drumkits, 26 MC/Rap loops as granular loops, tons of new shapes, samples & wavetables. Of course all the leads, basses, pads and arps leads are still being used today in modern EDM or pop music, so don't hesitate to add a bit of the classic HandsUp flavour to your EDM tracks!

Vps Creator 21

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Harry Gestetner and Simon Pompan are the co-founders and co-CEOs of Fanfix, a platform that lets Gen Z content creators monetize their fan base. Friends since high school, they launched the platform when they were in their junior year of college and sold it a year later for 8-figures, just days after graduating. In only 11 months, Harry and Simon grew Fanfix to become the leading monetization platform for Gen Z content creators, with over 9 million creators and fans and 8-figures in annual revenue.

The creators of Paradise PD signed an overall deal early in 2021 hot on the heals of the announcement of season 3 which arrived several months later. Known for animation the pair also set their next project with Netflix called Farzar.

After months of speculation, Deadline broke the news that Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones had signed with Netflix but not in the traditional sense. Netflix has taken a big stake in the newly formed Broke and Bones company set up by the two creators.

This deal marked the first overall deal with a European pair of creators. The two were behind the mind-bending German series Dark which continues to get rave reviews and a third season renewal due in 2020.


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