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Where To Buy Lapel Pins In Toronto

Be like UNDP's Goodwill Ambassador and Academy Award winner Michelle Yeoh: wear your original SDGs lapel pin with pride everywhere you go! Looking for a pin that won't pierce your delicate fabric? Discover our new SDGs Magnetic Lapel Pins.

where to buy lapel pins in toronto

Our minimum order quantity for custom lapel pins is 50pc. You should be aware that every 50pc order carries a $1 a unit fee for ordering less than 100pc. Ask for a quote for 100pc just so you can compare, and ideally, get more custom enamel pins. Read our article that outlines the hidden costs in buying enamel pins with no minimum.

Our lapel pin factory ships most orders in under three weeks. Rush order requests are welcome but we can't ship any order in less than 10 working days. There are a couple of seasonal events which affect your ability to get pins in less than 4-6 weeks. (ie- Chinese Lunar New Year)

We import our pins from a trusted partner in China. Our family owned and operated a lapel pin factory in Alberta, Canada for 30 years which ceased operation in 2002. We work with an importer who has offices in Canada and USA offering us legal protection and the ability to rate our factory on a distributors site. We have a video that shows you the pitfalls of going China direct. [hint: we remove all that risk and hassle for you!]

Our company has been at the forefront of the custom pin trend since 1971. We started in this business as an lapel pin manufacturer and began importing in 2002. Today, we create thousands of custom pin badge designs a year. And by the looks of our 5 star reviews, we must be doing something right! Top quality enamel pins can be delivered in under three weeks.

Teaching our customers to "see" lapel pin designs is tricky. For our first 35 years we had to offer "work arounds" for brand elements like coloured text and raised metal areas. The reason is, you need a raised metal area to hold colour. Until a few years ago, your options were limited to bronze, nickel and gold electroplate. So if you had a black and white logo, we'd have to convert black to silver. Not any more! We use a specialized electroplating process on your enamel pins that dyes the metal any colour you want. It reduces the hassles when designing lapel pins for you and you don't have to sacrifice your brands integrity when you get your pins made.

Jim Clift designs all our lead-free pewter fish lapel pins by hand. He uses practices that provide you with environmentally safe and ethically sourced products for less. His craftsmanship is second to none. Wear your favorite type of fish with every coat and jacket; you have a quality accessory that looks awesome and promotes your passion.

Recognizing your long-term employees' contributions builds a stronger company culture by creating a sense of personal pride and setting standards for other team members to live up to. Regardless of the size of your organization or business, years of service lapel pins are a great way to help you on this mission of making employees feel significant and valued. For over 30 years, we've been helping companies recognize and reward their employees by providing a variety of service award pins. Available in a variety of style and design options, our years of service pins come with classic post and clutch options or magnetic and self-adhesive attachments. Pins with magnetic and self-adhesive attachments can be conveniently added to name tags, ID cards or badges. Add personalized touches with elegant rhinestones and gemstones, or sparkling Swarovski crystals. Our selection of service pins for employees includes bulk buying options with quantity discounts, as well as expedited shipping options. Pair your service award pins with one of our gift pouches or pin boxes to put your gift over the top!

WITH six years to go before the 1996 summer Olympic games, the drive to bring Olympics to Atlanta is already in its final stage - and promotional banners are as visible here as the well-known Coca-Cola signs. Red, yellow, and blue banners brightly proclaiming ``Atlanta 1996'' adorn Hartsfield International Airport with the Olympic logo on their lower edges. Bumper stickers, buttons, and lapel pins, too, are everywhere as part of this blitz. 041b061a72


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