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Stellar Data Recovery For Mac Free Download [BETTER]

Summary: This post discusses the eight best free data recovery software offerings with the pros and cons of each. It will also walk you through the experience each tool provides so that you can pick the right one for you.

Stellar Data Recovery For Mac Free Download

Download File:

To test the top 8 most mentioned data recovery apps showcased in this article, we created virtual machines with Mac OS X 10.9, macOS 10.14, macOS 12, and macOS 13 to test compatibility and data recovery success rate.

We prepared an external hard drive with a damaged file system and it contained several different file formats like DOC, JPG, AVI, MP3, and ZIP. Then we created 7 clones of each original virtual machine to make sure all data recovery apps were running in the same system environment. These attempts allow us to eliminate most factors that may influence the scanning and recovering results. Therefore, we believe the experiences and conclusions in this article are objective and highly accurate.

This excellent tool is designed to recover deleted files on Mac that were moved to or emptied from the Trash. It supports SD card recovery and restoring lost data from your Macintosh HD, external hard drives, SSD, USB flash thumb drives, and more.

Apart from being a reliable Intel-based Mac recovery tool, it's also an M1 Mac data recovery software with solid performance. Additionally, this software can handle complicated cases like Apple T2 data recovery and recover data even when your MacBook Pro won't fully boot.

Like a few other data recovery apps, iBoysoft features the ability to create a bootable installer for an unbootable Mac, but even that won't be helpful when you can't boot from an external USB flash drive! That's where iBoysoft stands out from its competitors as it enables users to run Mac data recovery while in Apple's Recovery Mode.

When it comes to free file recovery software for Mac, PhotoRec should be on your list, although it's not suitable for users with no experience using a command-line interface. This free photo recovery software for Mac is open-source and built for restoring data lost after deletion, disk formatting, file system corruption, etc.

PhotoRec aims to provide photo recovery features for DSLR camera users. But this completely free recovery software for Mac also supports a large number of devices such as external hard drives, CD-ROM, Memory cards, USB drives, and Mac computers.

Although it may not be compatible with the new Mac operating systems like macOS Ventura, Monterey or Big Sur, PhotoRec could still be recommended to recover lost data on Mac OS X. However, this freeware is not an option for people with no idea of how to use command lines.

Recoverit for Mac claims a 96% success rate of data recovery from Mac hard drives, and external hard drives with over 1000 file formats. But of course, there is no guaranteed result with any data recovery software.

Recoverit Mac Data Recovery only allows us to recover lost data from Mac for free up to 100MB, which is not enough most of the time. But if we accidentally deleted only a few photos or documents, this MacBook Pro data recovery software could be a solution. For lost videos or files with large sizes or the advanced corrupted video repair and recovery options, subscriptions are required.

Editor's Review: Wondershare Recoverit has an impressive interface, which makes it easy to view the plans and pricing. It has a great computer crash recovery feature that allows you to recover lost data on your hard drive. - by Chyelle Dvorak,

Another file recovery solution for Mac is Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery, which claims to be a beacon of hope in data recovery. It works with LaCie USB-C HDD, SSD, portable HDDs, etc. allowing file recovery lost from your Mac's built-in apps such as Photos, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, TextEdit, or Mail.

Stellar Mac Data Recovery is a free download for scanning and previewing lost or deleted data. But for fully undeleting or recovering data from a deleted APFS partition or lost files from an SSD, SD card, USB flash drive, jump drive, or USB-C portable HDD, you will need to pay for the professional version.

Unfortunately, the free trial version of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac can only preview lost or deleted files, so it might be a solution when you need to monitor the health of the lost files and hard disk. But it offers no real option for free Mac file recovery from MacBook Pro, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini unless you pay up.

Editor's Review: Stellar Mac Data Recovery is one of the best data recovery tools we've examined. It has highly customizable searches, various file-type supports, and deep scan abilities. - by Daniel Blechynden,

Disk Drill is available for macOS, iOS, and Android devices for data recovery, which means it can recover data from a hard Drive, USB flash Drive, iPhones, Digital Cameras, Android phones, and memory cards.

Disk Drill's Basic version is a free application to check the state of your lost data, but users need to pay for real Mac data recovery. Also, it's a little difficult to navigate the main interface for the desired feature. Anyway, it could be a commercial data recovery solution if you're ready to pay.

Editor's Review: Disk Drill restores data on more than 200 internal and external storage devices regardless of file systems. It consists of tools for monitoring disk health, backing up drives, and data recovery. - by JEFFERY BATTERSBY,

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery offers a completely free data recovery service that enables you to recover unlimited data. This data recovery software was released in 2013, but many Mac users are not familiar with it, possibly because it doesn't officially support any macOS versions later than OS X 10.9, also known as Classic!

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery is designed to recover deleted files on Mac, supporting file systems including HFS+, HFS, FAT, FAT32, NTFS, and exFAT. With this free data recovery tool, you can recover images, audio files, videos, documents, etc. from any mountable storage device on your Mac, such as USB flash drives, memory cards, and hard disks.

This free data recovery software has two modes available - Fast Scan to rapidly undelete files, and Deep Scan to recover lost files from a formatted, damaged, or deleted partition. It makes the recovery process potentially faster by allowing users to see the files it has found while the scan is ongoing.

Although the latest officially supported operating system of this free data recovery software is OS X 10.9, some have reported success when running it on macOS 10.15 Catalina. So it is worth a try if your deleted or lost files are not APFS-formatted.

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard for Mac has made the recovery process so easy with its step-by-step recovery wizard that even a computer newbie can navigate it with ease. This data recovery tool allows users to recover deleted data on OS X 10.9 to macOS 13.

This recovery software for Mac allows you to retrieve deleted files and folders through a quick scan, or alternatively to search the storage device to find what the quick scan didn't find with a deep scan. It also has a data protection function that allows you to restore deleted files in a protected state easily.

It deals with lost photos, videos, documents, emails, etc. from devices that can be detected by your Mac, such as USB flash drives, memory cards, fusion drives, digital cameras, and more. It also has separate data recovery tools that you can purchase to recover files from iOS and Android phones.

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard for Mac offers a free version that claims to recover up to 2 GB of data. However, you can only recover 500MB of data by default unless you share a post on Facebook or Twitter about the program. Upgrading to its Pro version, you can recover data from a Time Machine backup disk and create a bootable USB drive for recovery from a non-booting Apple computer.

You can also retrieve lost audio, videos, archives, and emails on an internal Mac hard disk and external hard drives with Softtote. It is not suitable for complex data loss scenarios since it supports a limited number of file formats such as bmp, jpg, png, tif, and mp3. But you can give it a try because it offers 1GB of free recovery on Mac OS X 10.7 through macOS 10.14.

It's slightly cheaper than other data recovery software applications for Mac, and you can preview recoverable files before making a decision. It's worth noting that Softtote Mac Data Recovery doesn't support the more advanced exFAT and APFS file systems.

Read the product specifications to make sure the Mac data recovery software can recover files from the external hard drive that you have. Besides the Mac computer (actually the startup disk), most of us would save files to external hard drives, an SSD, USB flash drives, SD cards, RAID drives, a camera, and many other types of storage devices.

The best data recovery software should be able to recover files from specifically-formatted drives. The main disk formats that Mac computers support are APFS, encrypted APFS, HFS+, FAT32, and exFAT which can be determined by right-clicking on the disk to Get Info with Finder.

You will inevitably lose data from your Mac for specific reasons. For example, you can't access your data on the Macintosh HD when your Mac won't boot, or recover data from APFS encrypted volumes or RAID drives. In those cases, you need to pay more attention to the required features before downloading or purchasing recovery software.

There is freeware for Mac data recovery. If you know command lines, PhotoRec for Mac is a great choice. Otherwise, you can give the free Lazesoft Data Recovery a try, which hasn't been updated for years, but people reported success on macOS Catalina.

The price of MacBook data recovery varies from the product and methods you choose. Some are entirely free, like PhotoRec for Mac. But freeware won't give you consistent results and offer you tech support.Paid software usually can be covered under $100. If your lost data is caused by physical damage, you need a professional Mac hard drive recovery service, which will cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars.


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