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Devious Maids - Pilo...

The episode revolves around the murder of a Latina maid in Beverly Hills and the introduction of her cadre of associates who are also Latina maids. The maids are shown in their employment surroundings with their upper class employers who play supporting roles. The main character is not actually a maid but rather the mother of the primary murder subject who poses as a maid to gain entrance into the world where she might find clues to prove her son's innocence.

Devious Maids - Pilo...

The pilot episode was released online in both Spanish and English on June 9, 2013, before its television debut on June 23.[1] The episode, which was written by series creator Marc Cherry and directed by Paul McGuigan, debuted with a 1.99 rating.[2] The episode was the first episode of any television series with an all Latina leading cast, but the roles as maids was controversial due to its presentation of Latinas in stereotypical roles.[3] Nonetheless, critical feedback was generally positive.

ABC ordered the pilot based on the Mexican telenovela Ellas son la Alegría del Hogar[10] (translation: "They Are the Home's Joy", which is sometimes referred to as The Disorderly Maids Of The Neighborhood), on January 31, 2012.[11] Dania Ramirez was the first lead cast member to be cast, being announced on February 15.[12] Ana Ortiz joined the cast as the central character on February 17.[13] On February 23, both Sanchez and Judy Reyes were added to the cast.[14][15] When Edy Ganem was announced in the cast on March 2 the show was still described as centering on the other four maids (Ortiz, Reyes, Sanchez and Ramirez).[16]

The episode was marketed as an important milestone in television history because it was the debut of the first television show with an all Latina leading cast.[3] However, in the days leading up to the debut, there was controversy surrounding the concept of having Latina actresses glorify the stereotypical roles of maids, nannies and gardeners.[3] On May 3, Tanisha Ramirez criticized the show in The Huffington Post as a wasted opportunity,[35] but executive producer Longoria countered that the show presents "modern day woman's view on universal themes."[36] Cosmopolitan for Latinas editor Michelle Herrera Mulligan responded to Longoria by calling the show an "insulting disgrace".[37] Cherry defended the show for its substantive themes: "Devious Maids deals with themes of racism, classism and immigration. These women all work in the homes of rich people, but they have goals and dreams that are much greater than the people they work for realize."[38]

Robert Bianco of USA Today felt the show benefited from not being picked up by ABC, where it would have been in the shadow of Desperate Housewives, and from being scheduled as summer television, where its competition was weak.[48] Bianco believed that the various storylines were gracefully woven together in the scenes of the episode.[48] Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette described the show as a guilty pleasure.[49] Owen stated that although the show was not original for following Desperate Housewives' path, it was good summer entertainment that managed to slip in a bit of "social satire".[49] Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times panned the show's pilot, describing it as "a silly, hyperactive version of Downton Abbey", although she acknowledged that the episode had elements of The Great Gatsby (the opening murder) and West Side Story (the schoolgirl crush).[50] San Francisco Chronicle critic David Wiegand said "the pilot episode may not break any new ground, but it's energetic and funny". He also noted that "it's a hoot the first time we see the maids get the better of their shallow, self-absorbed bosses...", but he felt that this theme might lack the depth to retain audience interest.[51]

It is the day of Flora's funeral and a group of people, all dressed in black, are seen grouped beside the maid's coffin, which remains above the ground in the middle of a graveyard, ready to be lowered into the ground, as a priest stands at the head of the burial site, saying a few words in Spanish. As he reads from the Bible, the shot moves across the faces on the front row of the funeral's attendees, and we are shown multiple mourning and sad expressions, the first of which being that of Zoila Diaz, followed by her daughter, Valentina. Then Rosie Falta, and finally, Carmen Luna. All maids. All Flora's friends. And the camera moves away from them to reveal someone watching from afar, and we are shown that Marisol Duarte is watching the service alone, isolated from the crowd. The priest continues to talk as we see the coffin get lowered into the ground and the last thing we see before Flora is buried are the crying faces of her fellow maids. The screen goes black as the coffin goes underground.A short while later, we see Carmen, Rosie, Zoila and Valentina all exiting the funeral. "We have to go to the police!" Rosie exclaims, at which Carmen asks her friend if she's crazy. Rosie argues that they need to know the truth about Flora, but Carmen asks why, pointing out that they already arrested someone. "Maybe he didn't do it," Rosie suggests, going on to theorize that maybe Flora was killed because of "what she was doing". At this, Zoila stops Rosie and explains to her that if they go to the cops, they'll ask why they did nothing to stop Flora, and Valentina adds that her mother is right, saying that they could get in trouble. Rosie pauses before exclaiming that she wishes she had never told them, but Zoila tells her friend that this was Flora's secret; "I say we let it die with her." The four of them continue walking, leaving the scene, as we are shown Marisol standing in a bush, having spied on the scene and presumably heard what the other girls had said. She turns to face the screen.MarisolOne week later

At the local park, Carmen, Rosie and Zoila are sitting at a picnic bench, talking and gossiping (in Spanish), as Marisol is seen walking into the area, smiling at the other maids as she sits down at a separate bench. She looks over to the other table, and as Carmen and Zoila get wrapped up in conversation, the former stroking her small dog, Rosie turns to Marisol and smiles, greeting her with a "hi". "Hello," Marisol merrily says, and Rosie tells the newcomer that she saw her coming out of the Stappord house that morning, asking if she took over for Lupe. Marisol confirms this, saying that she's the new maid, and Carmen recounts that Lupe told them that Mr. Stappord's new wife is a hot mess, asking Marisol what she thinks. "She's okay," the newcomer replies, "Just a bit insecure. God, is it awful for me to gossip about my employers?" The other maids shake their heads at her, and Zoila comments, "Honey, if you wanna sit by us, it's a requirement." The four of them laugh and Zoila nods at the empty space at their table, gesturing for Marisol to sit there, and the newcomer agrees, grabbing her stuff and moving over to the other maids' bench.As the maids connect and gossip further, a fair amount of time flies by, and we see the four of them later laughing about something just said. After the laughter clears, Zoila tells her comrades that, once, Genevieve asked her to hand her shampoo when she was still in the shower, but Marisol says that that's not so bad, but Zoila then adds, "She wasn't alone." The others laugh as Zoila tells them, "They were in there another hour! The whole time, I'm thinking, 'Lord, I have to clean that!'" More laughter is shared and as it dies down, Marisol asks the other three if they know all the other maids who work around the area, and they shrug, answering positively, and Marisol goes on to ask them if they knew the girl who got killed. Zoila looks to Carmen who looks to Rosie who tells Marisol that that maid's name was Flora, and the newcomer comments that that had to have been a shock. "I would have been more shocked if she were somewhere else, but those people she worked for..." Rosie says, and Marisol knows she's talking about the Powells, wondering what the former has to say about them, and Rosie says that they're "strange". Marisol wonders just what Rosie means, but Zoila suddenly intervenes, pointing out that it's late and that they have to get going, and as the three of them pack away their things, Carmen tells Marisol that it was very nice to meet her. "You too," the newcomer says, and Carmen tells Rosie to come on before the two of them and Zoila stand up from their seats and leave the table, as Marisol tells them that she'll see them around. Rosie smiles and waves at the new maid as she walks away, and she, Carmen and Zoila begin to whisper angrily to one another as they do so. Marisol turns away from her new friends, seeming a little confused.

Evelyn and Taylor are seen sitting at a table on the poolside having drinks at the latter's house, and as Marisol walks outside with a tray, Evelyn tells her friend that the house has become a disaster area as she has dirty dishes in the sink and laundry piling up, putting her at her wit's end. Marisol serves a couple plates of food and Taylor asks Evelyn why she doesn't just call the agency and have them send somebody. "I tried, they gave me attitude because Flora was murdered. I'd understand if I'd had a few maids slaughtered, but I've only lost the one. It's not fair," Evelyn explains before sipping her wine, as Marisol listens intently. She looks to Mrs. Powell and tells her that she could come clean her house, if she's having trouble finding someone. Evelyn comments that that is so sweet and turns to Marisol, saying, "Thank you, Lupe." Taylor corrects her, saying that it's Marisol, but Evelyn says that she thought her name was Lupe. Taylor states that that was the previous maid but Evelyn looks back to Marisol, assuring her that she could be Lupe's twin. Mrs. Stappord says that Marisol looks nothing like Lupe, but Evelyn says that she thought she had work done. "You thought our maid had plastic surgery?" Taylor asks in a mocking tone, but Evelyn snaps, "For God's sake, Taylor, poor people like to look pretty too!" She turns back to Marisol and smiles, and the maid smiles back before Evelyn tells her to come over to her house in the morning and bring her own supplies. She adds that she has nine bathrooms so they'll have fun, and Marisol gives off a doubtful expression, proceeding to happily walk back into the Stappord house. 041b061a72


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