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Sound Driver Failed To Initialize in Rayman Origins - Reddit Solutions

In the CD version which uses the Miles sound system for audio configuration, all previously used audio drivers are unused. The supported devices list is much longer and includes: SB, SBPro, SB16/AWE, RAP-10, PAS, GUS, WaveJammer, Ensoniq and ESS. I have not tried all these devices, but since the game only uses digital audio (both for sound effects and background music), all of them probably sound almost identical. There are no known audio-related bugs in this version.

Sound Driver Failed To Initialize Rayman Origins -

Rollback GPU driver will restore your driver software to an older version. In this case game, Warframe DirectX creation failed error message comes up. Because the new device driver has unresolved bugs or they are incompatible with your system. The rollback feature in Windows for drivers is very handy without completely uninstalling and reinstalling a driver. It saves your time and helps to fix the error simply.


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