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Ayathana Sangrahaya Sinhala Pdf Free Download

Ayathana Sangrahaya Sinhala Pdf Free Download

Ayathana Sangrahaya is the official Establishments Code of Sri Lanka, which contains the rules and regulations governing the public service. It is a vital document for anyone who works in the government sector or wants to join it. The Ayathana Sangrahaya is divided into two volumes: Volume I covers the general service conditions and Volume II covers the specific service conditions of different categories of public officers.

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The Ayathana Sangrahaya was first published in 1972 and has been revised and updated several times since then. The latest revision was done in 2013, incorporating the changes made by the Public Administration Circulars issued from 1985 to 2012. The Ayathana Sangrahaya is available in both Sinhala and Tamil languages, and can be downloaded as a PDF file from the official website of the Ministry of Public Administration. The PDF file size is about 13.4 MB for the Sinhala version and 2.46 MB for the Tamil version.

The Ayathana Sangrahaya covers a wide range of topics related to the public service, such as recruitment, promotion, transfer, retirement, salary, allowances, leave, discipline, performance appraisal, training, welfare, and more. It also provides guidelines for various administrative procedures, such as preparing service records, reports, certificates, etc. The Ayathana Sangrahaya is organized into chapters and sections according to the subject matter. Each chapter has a number and a title, and each section has a number and a heading.

The Ayathana Sangrahaya is an essential reference for public officers and aspirants who want to know their rights and duties, as well as the rules and regulations that govern their service. It is also a useful source of information for researchers, students, journalists, and anyone who is interested in the public administration of Sri Lanka.

If you want to download the Ayathana Sangrahaya Sinhala PDF file for free, you can click on the link below:


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