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Learn from the Expert: Indra Bastian's Ebook on Public Sector Accounting

In this book, the authors explain the idea of analyzing the procedures of performance audits is to carry out actionable learning. The author, Indra Bastian (2001), the author of the book Akuntansi Sektor Publik Indonesia (ISBN-13: 978-979-5783-56-4), based on a study of the performance of entrepreneurs, the book has four features of analysis, namely the situation-based, effectiveness, tactics and style. In the book, the analysis of the performance of entrepreneurs is completed in the following steps. Because our analysis does not cover the analysis of the situation and effectiveness of the stakeholders as the process of analysis of the performance of the entrepreneur needs to start with the analysis of the industry. Therefore, this book can be a good reference for those who want to start the analysis of the performance of entrepreneurs or work in a company that is based on this book. This book provides a good reference for those who want to do performance audits and evaluations of the enterprise in the financial sector. The book provides definitions of the terms used in this book, such as the concept of the external role, the concept of internal role, the concept of, the concept of opportunity, the concepts of the entrepreneurial role and the concept of the organizational activity. Terms such as the ideal performance of the customers, in which the entrepreneur is to assess the customer. It provides a framework for performance audit and a list of the technical tools to be used in performance audits. The book discusses the themes of the performance audits and the responsibilities of the audit, as well as the conduct of the audit team, and the overall audit. The book also discusses the implementation of standards, outcomes, the concept of the balanced scorecard as a framework for performance auditing. The final section provides examples of performance audits, and the book is available at for a nominal fee. Permission to reproduce this book is obtained through the publisher. Cieply, the publisher is not responsible for the contents of this book. Based on the content of the book, to date, no one has published to the book, as of 2016 it is the second version.

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