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Homeworld Remastered Access Violation

An access violation is a non-specific error that occurs while installing, loading, or playing a game. This error can be caused by the following: an interfering software program (usually an antivirus application), an outdated video card driver, or an outdated version of DirectX.

homeworld remastered access violation

Sometimes, an access violation error may occur because the game does not have all the necessary permissions to run properly. If you receive this error while starting or playing the game, enabling the option to run the game as an administrator may help.

But as written in the WineHQ page the remastered singleplayer campaigns need to be started with some launch parameters either manually or through the launcher. But both result in an access violation error.

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@sims3testx Sims 3 crash logs are, unfortunately, almost entirely useless. Yours lists an access violation, which can be caused by anything from bad custom content to an error-prone homeworld to hardware issues. (I'm not saying I think you have a hardware issue, only that that's how unspecific this type of error is.)


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